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How to enhance the visibility and multiply the sales

Our Space + Style service is tailored explicitly for clients of the hospitality, fashion and design industries who have chosen to go a step further from a simple illustration of their products.

Pushing visual boundaries, we are reshaping the art of lifestyle shoots, bringing products, people and location together for a visual storytelling rich or meanings and symbolism.

The best outcome happens when we find enlightened clients, who trust our approach and give us a fair amount of free reins to develop outstanding concepts.

Piero De Marchis, managing director of Detail Lighting, is one of them. In 2015 we started a journey – which is still going on – to give his company a new total look and enhanced visibility.

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The power of visual storytelling // Love Happens Magazine

I am thrilled to have been featured again!

This time the publication is on the American prestigious Love Happens magazine – in the world of luxury living – with an extensive article about my professional career and services to the interiors, architecture, lifestyle, hospitality and fashion industries.

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