How to enhance the visibility and multiply the sales

Our Space + Style service is tailored explicitly for clients of the hospitality, fashion and design industries who have chosen to go a step further from a simple illustration of their products.

Pushing visual boundaries, we are reshaping the art of lifestyle shoots, bringing products, people and location together for a visual storytelling rich or meanings and symbolism.

The best outcome happens when we find enlightened clients, who trust our approach and give us a fair amount of free reins to develop outstanding concepts.

Piero De Marchis, managing director of Detail Lighting, is one of them. In 2015 we started a journey – which is still going on – to give his company a new total look and enhanced visibility.

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101 years today!

The Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed on 6 February 1918.

This act gave women over the age of 30 who met the specified property requirements the right to vote for the first time. (Women under 30, and who didn’t meet the criteria, had to wait another ten years for the privilege.)

To celebrate alongside all women, we are publishing today the pictures we took for Vivien Wilson, costume designer, who recently worked in an immersive theatre performance celebrating the 100th anniversary of the British suffragettes. The project wanted to emphasise not only the achievements of the suffragettes but also the struggles of all women throughout history and in different parts of the world.

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The power of visual storytelling // Love Happens Magazine

I am thrilled to have been featured again!

This time the publication is on the American prestigious Love Happens magazine – in the world of luxury living – with an extensive article about my professional career and services to the interiors, architecture, lifestyle, hospitality and fashion industries.

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We, Storytellers

Our clients and prospects often appreciate how efficient and straight to the point our work is.

There is no big secret behind it... It is all due to a meticulous organisation, which starts with a careful analysis of our clients' needs and vision.

Thereafter, we have to come with an enthralling story, able to show their dreams. As often happens in our line of work, a visual concept is much more effective than thousands of words.

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Cotton Candy and the Lightness of Being

"Less is more"

The famous phrase by Robert Browning in his poem “Andrea del Sarto", then adopted by Mies van der Rohe and many others, has been once again the main inspiration for one of our projects.
When approached by Chiara Martinelli, jewellery designer, to revamp her brand and shoot for her new collection, Cotton Candy, we started to brainstorm together. As the brand is based in Brighton, the first inspirations were analogies with the world of the fun fair, the circus, and the dreamy Fellini-style seaside scenarios.

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The Best Way to spend 3 Days in Sweden…

If you have to work as an interior photographer, this is most probably the best way to spend three days in Sweden.

I have been there with Mia and Tarryn of Mia Karlsson Interior Design, photographing their project; a charming and welcoming summerhouse on the lake Malaren near Västerås.

Here is a funny behind the scene motion picture of that job. Note how many little adjustments take before having the shoot right!

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Forget the roses for Valentine's!

Although Valentine's Day is worldwide recognised as a consumerism stereotype that everybody somehow have to comply with, there are few exceptions, out of the ordinary, where creativity and sensuality take charge.

One of them has born thanks to the brilliant collaboration between MyHotels – an award winning group of boutique hotels creating unique urban retreat experiences based on the guest’s needs and desires – and 210th – a luxurious erotic lifestyle brand producing body care products and other irresistible temptations.

Adding MyHotels to the list of my beautiful clients, I have been lucky enough to receive commission by their marketing manager, Sundip Mace, to make pictures for their 210th suite at MyHotels Chelsea.

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