4 // Space + Style

push your boundaries… if you dare!


If you are ready to push some visual boundaries, then you will love this service.

Our vision is to re-imagine the art of lifestyle shoots – bringing product, people and location together for visual storytelling with a touch of couture.

We can capture impromptu moments and set up imaginative, creative scenes that can really reflect the essence of a brand and connect with customers.

Our creative team will go the extra mile for your business and discuss with you ideas, themes, moods and production details ...whatever is required to deliver a concept that shows your design in a brand new way.

From inception to completion we will manage the whole project. Once agreed and approved, you can sit back and watch the whole team in action: from production management, art direction, model casting, garment and prop selection …to me behind the lens.

I’d love to work with you to create images that really tell a story ...and are full of life, beauty and style. 

selected space + style images…