marco joe fazio Ltd.

Ownership & Copyright


Marco Fazio retains intellectual property (IP) on all its works, including:

  • creative content, e.g. written material, photographs, art, graphics, the layout of an advertisement or publicity leaflet, music and videos;

  • advertising slogans and sounds;

  • business names, logos, product names, domain names and other signs used in advertising;

  • computer-generated imagery (CGI), graphic symbols, screen displays, graphic userinterfaces (GUIs) and web pages;

  • some forms of advertising techniques or means of doing business;

  • distinctive packaging;

  • company's corporate identity, which comprises logos, letterheads, designs, colors, etc. that, as a whole, represent or identify the company;

  • databases, for example of consumer profiles.

The photographs and all the video material in our works, along with their copyright, are owned by the photographer, Marco Fazio. They are also protected by moral rights. Marco Fazio asserts his moral right to be identified as the author wherever and whenever his photographs are copied or distributed by any means.

All the material above is protected by copyright, trademark, industrial design law and other related intellectual property rights by unauthorised exploitation.

Unless differently agreed on commission acceptance, property of trademarks, symbols, names, literary works and their applications on promotional and advertising material will be transmitted to our Clients, together with licence to use of the photographic and video material, on job completion and payment of all the due fees.