5 reasons why professional models complement your projects


our client //

The best outcome from our services stems from working with enlightened clients, who trust our approach and give us a fair amount of free rein to develop outstanding concepts.


Jon Beswick, RIBA architect and managing director of Adventure in Architecture, is one of them. Honouring his company’s name, Jon is adventurous by nature. Amongst many other challenges, in 2012, Jon retraced commander Scott’s expedition to the South Pole for the 100 year anniversary. He celebrated the achievement with the first game of cricket at the South Pole!


our space + style photography for AiA //

Adventure in Architecture appointed us to photograph several of their forward-thinking projects. For a couple of them, the client agreed to go for our most prestigious package, the Space + Style photography.

This package is tailored explicitly for clients of the hospitality, fashion and design industries who have chosen to go a step further from a simple illustration of their products.

Pushing visual boundaries, we are reshaping the art of lifestyle shoots, bringing products, people and location together for a visual storytelling rich or meanings and symbolism.

When working with architectural projects, we add the human factor to the spaces designed by our clients. Borrowing tools from the fashion industry, we merge with perfection the look of the models with the style of the spaces.


We have identified five reasons why the presence of humans in the images – preferably professional models – complement and enhance the designer’s projects.


1. human presence connects with an audience

Life is always an engaging matter.

The very same space, as beautifully dressed and styled as we like, gets everybody much more involved if there are people in the scene, creating a more significant space for the audience.


2. actions lead the eye of the viewer

We all tend to follow – and sometimes to anticipate – the action taking place in a picture.

Our eye always goes to the gesture or the gaze of the people in the frame.

This unconscious behaviour can be used then to highlight any special feature of the project.


3. the style of the models strengthen the style of the project

Understanding the style of the project is essential to create a matching scenario and tell a captivating story.

In this case, the clean and retro feeling of the space and the furniture – all bespoke design by AiA – are enhanced by the timeless classic elegance of the models.


4. human proportions give a better perception of scale and materials

Sometimes architectures may appear as beautiful abstract shapes. Therefore we introduce props as everyday’s objects to give more a sense of the scale to the viewer.

Even better, people in the scene immediately reveal the size of the environment and, like in the photos above with the children, tell us that the material of the skylight is a translucent glass, which is also a walkable surface for the space above.


5. professional models save time (and money)

An extemporaneous help by a friend or relative in posing for the camera could be a very economic solution, particularly when it is asked only to ‘walk across the scene’ to achieve a motion blur or ‘read a newspaper in front of a building’.

However, more often is the opposite; keep in mind that inexperience in posing and acting as desired causes overtimes and extra expenses on set, where many professionals and costly equipment are involved.

Professional models are the best way to go when the script is not that straightforward and timing is tight, as they usually know what to do without much of direction and trying.


what lies beneath

And here is a short video filmed behind the scenes, where you can appreciate the outstanding design of this project while discovering what lies beneath our Space + Style photography package.


the happy ending //

Adventure in Architecture are using our services to stand out from the competition and to reaffirm their vision, designing residential and commercial projects made to be lived, experienced and explored.


credits & acknowledgements //

client // Adventure in Architecture

photography & production // Marco Joe Fazio

behind the scenes video // Cristian Mantio

wardrobe stylist // Upesh Mistry

make-up & hair stylist // Emily Johnson

assistant photographer // Alex Curtis

models // Grace Cruise, Michael Fairbanks