Rotate Cycling

Rotate Cycling has recently opened its doors in Rivington Street, Shoreditch, the creative hub of London’s East End.

Rivington Street is also a cycling “quietway” and adjacent to Cycle Superhighway 1. So it’s a perfect place to stop off on your daily commute or weekend ride for a coffee and a browse.

The space that is combining co- working, coffee shop and cycling apparel retail, while transforming to a bar by night, nestled among cool pubs and cafes, colourful street art, edgy art galleries and legendary nightclubs.


Rotate - a cycling bar-cafe with a collection of design-led and high-performance cycling apparel from around the world, from independent brands, for style-conscious cyclists. __ Sony A7S2 Rode Videomic Pro Nikon 35mm f/1.8 All handheld footage by Calvin Cheung Photography


Activities of this kind increasing in number and quality, competing to be the more appealing and home-like spot in the neighbourhood.

Here people find a calming refuge, a place to work, to enjoy, to socialise... and also to shop.

The interiors, designed by GPAD London Ltd., feature a lighting scheme that is assisting in all these functions.

Striking linear bespoke units in the slatted ceiling and TL29 track spots supply a crisp high colour rendering LED lighting, perfect for retail use.

Bespoke pendants, painted in the Tour-de-France green colour, ensure a warming and welcoming atmosphere above the bar counter.


A unique feature is Bluetooth control; the lighting suppliers provided simple ‘enablers’ to the lighting circuits, which means that conventional switches are no longer needed.

The owner has full control of the lighting settings from apps for phone or tablet. The cost is a fraction of standard scene-setting lighting control systems.


Rotate Cycling Shoreditch

design // GPAD London Ltd.

lighting supply // Rayconn Lighting UK

photography & copywriting // marco joe fazio Ltd.

videography // Calvin Cheung