How to enhance the visibility and multiply the sales


overview //

Our Space + Style service is tailored explicitly for clients of the hospitality, fashion and design industries who have chosen to go a step further from a simple illustration of their products.

Pushing visual boundaries, we are reshaping the art of lifestyle shoots, bringing products, people and location together for a visual storytelling rich or meanings and symbolism.

The best outcome happens when we find enlightened clients, who trust our approach and give us a fair amount of free reins to develop outstanding concepts.

Piero De Marchis, CEO of Detail Lighting, is one of them. In 2015 we started a journey – which is still going on – to give his company a new total look and enhanced visibility.


our project //

Initially asked to produce new pictures for Detail Lighting web and catalogues, we went a mile further, agreeing with Piero a new way of showing the company and its products, creating a consistent company identity through all the media, communications and branding.

The core idea – which then became Detail Lighting’s mission – was to present lighting from the customer’s perspective. In a few words, we focussed on the usage of each product, more than its technical features.

Therefore, we came with three topics, or main categories, as they were three chapters of a book:

lighting for focusing & producing – task light

lighting for relaxing & indulging – ambient light

outdoor living – lighting for exteriors

The second, yet not less critical concept, has been to dignify the products, showing them in an artistic scenario.

A catchphrase came out from this operation:

... when light becomes art


developing the concept //

With the core idea defined and approved, we started to develop the concept in two parallel paths: a new brand co-ordinated image (graphic design) and painterly views of the products (photography).


On the first matter, we created a clean and elegant look, with a good amount of negative space to enhance readability and elevate the contents’ importance.

This new look had to be consistent all across the media, from the company website to their product catalogues and advertising.

On the latter, borrowing from the fashion world, we prepared mood boards, able to show to the client the visual identity we had in mind.

On top of the usual product imagery, we added two new styles of photography:

  • still life images - bespoke made sets with lighting products and props;

  • lifestyle images - adding the human factor.

We are aware that bespoke made sketches are useful tools to inspire both the team and our clients. Then we prepared them for each set on the shoot.

This process is designed to ensure that our client is consulted at each stage of the project and is happy with what has been done before we proceed to the next phase. It provides we work as efficiently as possible too.

Timing is always a critical matter; therefore, tasks and deadlines have been scheduled in a project’s timeline document.


the road to production //

After the conceptual phase, the pre-production starts. For this project, the complexity was determined by a large number of products to be featured with all the variations that lighting offers nowadays; source type, colour temperature and rendering index (CRI), mounting, wattage, dimmability, remote control systems, automation. These are only some of the technical aspects we had to consider while producing an extensive body of work for the whole Detail Lighting production.

In numbers, that generated hundreds of pictures for about eighty classes of product, twenty-six bespoke sets including two stages for lifestyle shoots.

Each of them has been carefully planned with set design layouts and lists of props to hire.

Casting calls and collaborations with fashion designers supplied models and garments for the lifestyle shoot.

Finally, we had to source a studio big enough to allow two separate stages simultaneously – to build one set while shooting another one – and to store a rather large amount of props.


To capture product, still life and lifestyle images, we had a total of nine studio days.


the deliverables //

click on the image to see the slideshow

With the exhaustive photography and coordinated image produced in 2016 for Detail Lighting we have been able to rebrand the company, delivering:

  • a printed & digital general catalogue

  • all the business cards

  • advertising postcards


the happy ending //

Although this project may appear extraordinarily creative and artistic, there is a very logical outcome from all of that.

We launched the new Detail Lighting website almost three years ago. Since then, we have helped our client increasing the company visibility, clarifying its vision, showing the products in a consistent and easy-to-use way, and – more importantly – multiplying the sales.

Our Space + Style service resulted in a successful project with a happy returning client. What more could we ask for?


credits & acknowledgements //

client // Detail Lighting 

photography & production // Marco Joe Fazio 

interior styling // Harriet Porter 

key scenic artist // Ken Curl 

art director // Strawberry Love 

make-up & hair stylist // Stefania Paci 

wardrobe assistant // Nicolò Atzori 

assistant photographer // Oliver Spier 

assistant stylist // Elena Fantuzzi 

models // Julie Dumont, Natalia Satunova, Sam Barraclough 

Thanks to Carlo M for his endless work with lighting and sparkles, to LunaSky for supplying the garments and to Studio Spaces for accommodating all our requests.