"What we do best" Episode 1 // Architecture & Interiors Photography

I have been working for so many years in architecture and interiors, that I tend to take for granted my ability to capture spaces.
However, looking back at my photo portfolio, I have to admit that it is a new challenge each time.
— Marco Joe Fazio, FBIPP photographer

So many different spaces, from private interiors to charming hotel rooms, fine restaurants – food included – dark and gloomy chapels, building sites to be photographed from scaffolding up in the air... all of them require different photo techniques and approaches.

Furthermore, what to focus and how to frame the same space differs depending on my clients' expertise; interior designers, architects, engineers, stonemasons, joiners, builders, all have their unique point of view, which has to be understood and visualised at best.


Would you like to know more about how to capture your spaces at best?

Please inquire us, and we will be happy to assist with further information or to come and take eye-capturing photos for you.