Forget the roses for Valentine's!


Although Valentine's Day is worldwide recognised as a consumerism stereotype that everybody somehow have to comply with, there are few exceptions, out of the ordinary, where creativity and sensuality take charge.

One of them has born thanks to the brilliant collaboration between MyHotels – an award winning group of boutique hotels creating unique urban retreat experiences based on the guest’s needs and desires – and 210th – a luxurious erotic lifestyle brand producing body care products and other irresistible temptations.

Adding MyHotels to the list of my beautiful clients, I have been lucky enough to receive commission by their marketing manager, Sundip Mace, to make pictures for their 210th suite at MyHotels Chelsea.


Together with Sundip we have brainstormed, gathered props, garments and accessories and then dressed the room to create a lifestyle story illustrating "the most exciting use of the 210th suite” and embracing their slogan:

Forget the Roses and leave your inhibitions at the door this Valentine’s day

Differently from my fashion and lifestyle shoots, the challenge of this brief was that everything had to be told without using any models; therefore we created a scenario which look like – paraphrasing a famous poem of Giacomo Leopardi – the Calm after the Storm:

The two lovers have gone, leaving the room in a total mess, clothing on the floor, an open suitcase revealing sensual accessories and, most of all, the luxurious 210th black box – special gift to the suite’s clients – with its enthralling content scattered all around.


210th suite at MyHotels Chelsea


I confess, we had fun shooting these pictures! On top of that I have been pleased to know that the suite has been booked for Valentine’s day – no, I am not the lucky one! – and the whole MyHotels management appreciated my work, as Sundip wrote on her review :

Marco is a photographer with strong creative vision. Flexible and friendly in his approach, he is able to find solutions to any challenges. I recommend Marco Joe Fazio and hope to work with them again in the future.
— Sundip Mace, Marketing Director, My Hotels Group

One picture from this shoot has been also published on Penthouse Australia.

A big thanks to Sundip, Fabricio, Ben, Sofie and all the staff at MyHotels and 210th to have made possible all of this… to be repeated soon!

Ad maiora,